CS:GO Betting Tips & Trics

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What to consider before placing your first bet?

No matter which kind of background you are coming from, everyone has heard about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This FPS title supports major tournaments all around the world and has some of the biggest betting community surrounding its arenas. 

So, of course, many people try their luck, betting on this game’s matches and procure major losses. Most of these losses are the result of negligence by the Bettor, which, let me add, could have been easily avoided if they just paid attention to their actions.

If you want to take the smart route, and actually get something in return for putting your money the line, then you are at the right place.

Here I have some essential tips that seem self-evident, but most bettors overlook these and end up losing more than what they bargained for. Let’s get started.

Stay updated with your team’s performance:

Team form is essential to any betting strategy you want to opt for in CS:GO. Knowing your preferred teams’ recent performance should be on your top priority. If your favorite team is not performing well, you may need to hold back on the bets and maybe wager on another Team, who has much better performance across the board in that specific season or tournament. Your team may be facing some internal problems, or they just can’t seem to master the preferred map of the event.

You need to pay extra attention to these small details to get some fantastic gains from any high-stake wagers.

Learn about your team’s match history.

If you don’t like to take any risks, then you should know about your team’s history stats. These will give you greater insight into your team’s overall performance, and to boot, will help you decide on how well they stand against a particular foe based on their previous confrontations with them. 

Everyone has something that they are not good at and something they just can’t perform in even if their life depended on it. So, figuring out which opposing teams hold a strategic advantage based on their play style and the map can go a long way.

Know what happens when a substitute joins the squad.

These days, using substitutes or stand-ins is the new norm when the regular players can’t participate in a match. Although, the squads have no other choice most of the time, adding in a new player to the bout before a match or even months before can drastically affect the team play of any squad in CS: GO. Even though these substitutes are professional CS:GO, players, creating a proper group dynamic in a game like CS: GO is hard. And when you get it down with a particular squad, it’s is extremely difficult to replicate the same level of performance with one or two new faces joining in the play.

Is your team on a winning streak?

When your team is consistently winning, taking home major league trophies. Then know that other teams and their coaches will be studying those matches carefully, developing their own counter-strategies to bring down the reigning champion. 

CS:GO is an exceptionally competitive game where the players are consistently contending for the crown. So, if your team is on a winning spree, you should not always bet on them every time, and expect that they will be de-throned sooner than later.

Know about the Home ground advantage:

Last but not least, just like in any other sports, an esports team playing in their home arena will not only be pumped because of the crowd cheering for them. But, they will also give it their all to win the match and meet the expectations. This is especially evident in Scandinavian teams like Na’vi and Virus pro, who are known for receiving insane support in their home country.


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