CS:GO Coinflip

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How should you get started?

CS:GO coinflip is the most common style of betting in CS:GO. Because of its simplistic nature and extremely high rewards, this form of betting has quickly become the most widely accepted, popular mode of betting in this game.

The way this works is quite simple, in coinflip, you ‘toss a coin’ and have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing, the wager usually. Either, you double your reward or lose everything. Since skins in CS:GO cost a lot, betting in this style can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you have to luck to boost your wins.

But, the risk in this type is also much higher than most other forms of betting. If you want to try coinflip in CS:GO, then continue reading this article, and you will get everything you need to know about this form of betting, and by the end, will be ready to place your first bet. 

How does the coinflip betting actually work?

Just like in Counter-Strike, where there are two teams, in a coin flip, there are two sides; the terrorists and counter-terrorists. You bet on either team, with the hopes that the coin will land on your side. There is although a 50/50 chance of this happening, but you can increase your chances with more expensive skins.

Most betting sites allow a difference of 10% in regards to the value of skins proposed in a given bout. Say, a player is betting a Skin that is worth 150 points; you can then enter the round with a Skin that has a value of points between 140 and 160. If you bet with a Skin that is worth 140 points here then, you will have a 40% chance of winning the match, and your foe will have a 60% chance. But if you go big and bet a skin worth 160 points, then you will reverse the odds making you the one with a 60% chance and your opponents with a 40% chance. 

If you win, you will “Double Up,” get twice as much worth of skins then you wagered. You will not get the Skin you bet back but will get many other Skins whose combined value is the same as the total betted value in the coinflip. 

You can then use these to wager more on other coinflip matches and increase your inventory. Or cash out, as some skins in CS:GO as mentioned before, can go for ludicrous amounts.

Where can you start coin flipping?

You can bet on almost any esports betting website as most of these have massive CS:GO coinflip lobbies that you can take part in. When you visit any of these esports betting websites, first you need to register and then link your Steam account to the site. As you actually bet your own skins in these wagers. 

Once you have joined a site and are ready to bet, you will see the lineup of people wagering their skins in the lobby. You can see the exact value of the Skin offered by people, but you can’t actually see which Skin they are offering for the bout. 

If you have found a value that you like, you take on the challenge and deposit your own Skin in the match. After going through this simple process, you can then see the opposing Skin being offered and then start the Coinflip.

If you win, as mentioned before, you will double down on the returns, and on the contrary, if the coin doesn’t flip in your favor, then you lose your Skin along with the match.


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