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How to get started in high-stake skin betting?

If you are tired of betting in small rounds and have gathered large enough inventory of skins that you can wager then, you are at the right place. CS: GO Jackpot gives you that chance to earn big, wager huge, and, most of all, control the flow of the bet.

CS: GO jackpot a style of betting that can allow you to double your inventory and gain some more in a very small period of time. 

So, how can you start betting in this style?

What is CS: GO Jackpot betting?

CS: GO jackpot betting is a type of betting that allows you and other players to wager skins that are worth a lot in a common pot. A certain timer is set on the Jackpot, and when that timer ends, a winner is chosen from the participants.

Now, you may be wondering that I mentioned that you could also control the flow of the bet at the start of the article. What’s this control talk about? Well, here the game of chances comes into play. Based on the amount you have deposited in Jackpot round; you can increase your chances of winning that specific Jackpot.

If you own 50% of the lot, then you have a 50% chance of winning the bet, but remember that this is a game of chances, and it is not uncommon for a player with higher chances to lose the Jackpot to a player with much lower chances. So we recommend that you only bet the amount that you are comfortable losing in this game of chances.

Now, a Jackpot might sound very lucrative for high stake players, and, you must be wondering;

How can I bet in CS: GO Jackpot?

Well, betting in a CS: GO jackpot is quite easy. You register at any promising, E-sport betting website that you trust and link your steam account to it. Then you need to figure out what is the minimum valued skin or skins you need to bet in the Jackpot.

Most websites have a 100$ minimum waging value. Now, that might sound a lot if you don’t have that many skins, but this tells you how much can be at stake can be in these jackpots.

After you have checked the minimum value, now you need to exchange your skin or skins for tickets on the website. Depending on the value of the lot, you will be getting one ticket for every once cent worth of the bunch you trade in. You can also opt to invest just one skin that is worth a lot rather than many skins worth a lot less because these tickets determine your stake in the Jackpot, not the skins.

Depending on the Jackpot and the amount you have invested in it, you will be allotted an estimated winning chance that provides you your probability of winning that bet. And depending on the result, you might even win, and have the chance to brag about it to your friends.

Common strategy:

Since the players can control the result of the Jackpot bets in CS: GO, there are some common strategies that you can follow for some confirmed wins in these bets. The most common strategy in CS: GO Jackpot is pot sniping. You just wait for a Jackpot to fill, and right before the timers up, you go in with enough tickets to give you get 50% or higher profit margin. And ultimately win the Jackpot.

Although the reward is big, the risk is exceptionally high in this type of strategy. You must be prepared to lose a lot before you win enough to cover the losses and then gain sufficient profit to justify the risk.


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