DOTA 2 Betting Tips

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What do you need to know?

Betting in DOTA 2 is quite tricky. With its intricate game design and complex strategies, just the game can overwhelm any newbie who wants to start playing it.

The intricacy is there, but it is not that hard to understand its game mechanics. And while you are at it, get good at betting on DOTA 2 matches. Here, we have provided you with some of the most useful tips that you can easily wrap your head around and get started with your esports betting career.

Go through the basics:

Getting through the basics in this game can be a hassle. And when you are just starting out, you need to invest a whole lot of time, grinding and figuring out the game design. But it is not that hard. You can easily learn about the in-game mechanics and just pick study what you need to know before placing your first bet. The first thing I would recommend that you need to pay attention to is drafting. The process of picking heroes in Dota 2 is called drafting. And you need to get acquainted with this concept in order to bet successfully.

After the heroes have been drafted in any game, you can make an educated guess on who will win based on paper stats of each lineup. And, ultimately bet after you master this, you will start betting on the teams with better ODDs on your book. You must be thinking that you need to study each and every hero for this strategy to work. But that’s not the case here. You just need to watch tournaments and study the top most common picks by big names, experienced teams. This will give you a good head start, and as you study more and more, you will get better at reading the stats and ultimately make sound decisions based on rational, on paper facts.

When you have gotten the stats down, you also need to study the strategies of the Team captains as they usually control the flow of the match. Knowing the captains’ preferences can give you some more insight into the team play. And, you will help you in specialty bets like wagering on first blood, which team takes down a tower first, bolstering your earnings from a single match.

Figure out how to interpret teams winning streaks:

Another important feature that makes Dota 2 an excellent game to bet in is the sheer volume of information about the teams and individual players available on the internet. You can easily do your research and get a good idea of their performance across the board. You can bring up their winning streaks, results of previous confrontations with the same foe.

This information is extremely valuable for bidding and will help you determine the chances of a team winning in a tournament. Leading to great gains in the long term.

Know about the Stand-Ins:

If you want to be extra careful about betting and want guaranteed wins in Dota 2. Then you need to be up to date with squad health. If a team just lost a member and added a stand-in for the next big tournament, their performance will be worse across the board, leading to bad loses and even worse performance in that specific season.

Keeping up with the team’s politics and any news about the team changing any player should be your top priority.

Keep in touch with the underdogs:

One way, you can rake in massive wins, is to know about the underdogs. Sometimes, some of the best players in DOTA 2 form new teams to take part in a tournament. If you know about these teams beforehand, it can give you a massive advantage over the house, allowing you to bet on bigger Odds for greater wins. But, for this to be successful, you need to evaluate their performance according to the previously mentioned assessments and figure out if they will actually win–the Probability is massively in your favor.

These wagers are not always successful, but if you feel confident about your research, then there is no need to hold back on these bets. Because you will learn more about esports betting as you bet and learn through experience.


DOTADOTA BettingDOTA Betting Tips

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