Esports Bettings Tips 101

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What do you need to know?

Whether we like it or not, we all are new at something at one point in our lives. We all have to start our journey somewhere, and for some time, being an amateur, not knowing much about the new endeavor is normal.

Of course, you are just starting out, but not knowing what you are doing in esports betting can make you lose a whole lot of cash, and you can’t just afford to learn the ropes like this.

So here, I have compiled some basics you need to know before you start your betting career. And trust me, knowledge is power. You need to understand how and when to place bets if you want to be successful in this new line of work.

Know your operator:

Before you start betting, you need to select your betting website. They are someone who provides you with all the information you need to place a bet easily and not have to worry about little things.

Here at our site, we give you all that, and to add, we provide some of the best ODDs you can find and allow you to properly evaluate your chances in the best way possible.

Now, you may be wondering what these ODDs are and how you should view them. This brings us to our next point, which is an essential piece of information that you definitely need to know before placing any wagers. 

How to interpret the ODDs:

The ODDs give you the information about the chance, the probability of some arbitrary outcome that may or may not happen. You can use these numbers to make a guess and place your bet with the team that has the best ODDs.

These ODDs are calculated through a complex formula, algorithm to get the best probability for a team to win, and here for a novice. Lower the number, the better chance it is for an event to occur. 

And if that is not enough to convince you to place the bet, and you don’t trust some irrational number then, you will love our next point. If you are a novice, then this will help you immensely when you just want to start betting without getting too technical about the bets.

Follow the wisdom of the crowd:

Being the lone wolf can be appealing, but in reality, the collective wisdom of humans carries more merit than your gut. History and statistics also dictate that a group of people can predict the correct outcome of an event, over the broader spectrum in general. 

This directly translates to the voting system on a betting site where the players vote on which has the better at winning, and you can just take advantage of other people’s research and knowledge to leverage the ODDs more in your favor. 

Research, Research, Research:

This should be an obvious one, but you need to know about the team/player you are betting on. You need to figure out the maps they are good in and how they fair in their winning streaks.

Although the betting site ODDs already give you that information, but once you start to take this seriously, you need to know about individual teams. Just taking a quick look at their database and making your own assessment can help you make better decisions. This, combined with the previous factors, can help you make an educated guess about which side to choose once you get used to it.

Just remember that whether you win or lose, either outcome is based on math’s and probability. You just need to be on the right side of variance and take advantage of as many factors as you can to have the best chance at winning that bet.

I hope that this guide gave you a basic rundown on how to interpret the data on our website and presented you with a general overview of the wagering world.


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