Overwatch Betting Tips

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What do you need to know?

Overwatch is now a well-established, popular esports title with a dedicated player base. Gone are the days when this game was new, and there was not much information available about its pro players. Now, it’s not only easier to calculate your Odds at winning this FPS title, but you can also take advantage of pre-established strategies and go for the bigger wins.

We think that now is the best time for you to bet on this game, get incredible returns, and brag about them to your friends later on. So, let’s go through some of the basics that you need to know about before you start betting and get those fantastic wins.

Go through different betting styles:

In order to win in a game like Overwatch, you need to follow specific betting techniques, strategies to secure good wins at the end of each betting session.

Search and destroy:

Tactical as it may sound, this is a straightforward strategy that you can follow. Firstly, make assessments and evaluations about the best players in Overwatch. And before a match starts, make educated guess–choose the player that you think will win based on recent matches and if they have an advantage over other players in that match, considering the Hero they picked.

Going with this textbook-based approach is quite simple and can yield great results, the more time you invest in researching this strategy. And as you become more experienced, your research becomes easier, and when you know most of the stats by heart, you can let your intuition take the course and bet accordingly.

Observe and Execute:

This, as the name suggests, depends on how patient you can be in your observation and how good a decision you can make based on that. This strategy is based on real performance, contrary to the textbook approach in the Search and Destroy strategy.

In this approach, you need to watch the top teams’ performance before a big tournament. This is grueling, a boring process at one time, and at others, exciting, energizing, and totally worth the watch. You just need to go through their team live plays, and gauge their skills. And, compare their performance and pick the best performing team. If you can’t find their live plays, then recent tournaments, competitions can also provide you valuable information about a team’s performance and skill level.

Learn About the Betting Options:

After going through this basic researching, betting styles, you need to learn about the most common types of bets that you can place in this game.

Match Winner:

The obvious one, in the Match Winner, you just bet on the outcome of a single match. Wagering that Team A will be the Winner. And if you are right, you get paid per the Odds set beforehand by the bookmaker.

Outright Winner:

The Blinding Lights, the Outright Winner, is the overall champion of a tournament. They are also known as “future market bets,” boasting major rewards and even bigger risks. In these bets, you wager your cash on predicting the champion of a tournament, which teams will qualify for the finals and going in a bit further, from which region the winning team will be from. You can bet on either of these options or, depending on which types your bookmaker offers, you can make adjustments accordingly.

Special Bets:

These bets are specialized for the finer aspects of the play. You can bet on simple facts like which team will get the most kills at the end of a match or who will draw the first blood. Aside from these, you can also bet on certain objectives achieved during a game or how many objectives a team will achieve. You need in-depth knowledge of the game for these kinds of bets, and novices are recommended to stay away from them due to the abnormally high-risk factor.

Other than these categories, there are many other high-level bets like Handicap betting, Accumulator bets that you can take advantage of. But you just need to know about these to get started.


OverwatchOverwatch BettingOverwatch Betting Tips

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