Skin Gambling Explained

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How to: Skin Gambling and Betting.

Get rewarded for your skins

Skin gambling is the new, hottest form of betting that you can use to turn your rare skins into cold hard cash. You might be an avid esports player, but if you haven’t tried skin gambling, then you are missing out on a lot, especially when you have a whole lot of skins lying around in your steam account. This type of gambling revolves around exchanging the skins you get from popular esports titles such as Dota 2, CS: GO, PUBG, and many more, using SkinPay and start betting without actually putting in cash from your bank account. You can choose to bet with these new gains and double your earnings or just withdraw it without wagering on anything. This is for you to decide. With Skin gambling, you are enjoying the profits from something that you already have lying around in your steam account.

So, the idea is all well and good, but how do you get started.

How to start Skin gambling using SkinPay?

To begin gambling through SkinPay, you first need a level 1 Steam Account. Then, you also need to turn your Skin Inventory setting to Public. So that the site can verify your catalog, and you can trade without any hassle. You also need to download the Steam app on your phone to verify the transaction, and after this, you are done laying out the groundwork. When you are done going through all this, make an account on any SkinPay supported gambling site, which is easy and can be done in just 5 minutes. You also need to link your steam account, which is also quite easy and barely takes a minute. 

Going through all this, you are ready to trade your skins with the site, and with some luck, you can get some sick deals there.

Trading Skins on a Site

After choosing which skins you are willing to part ways with, you can select them on the site to get a quote. If you think that the transaction benefits you, then get your Steam trade link for that skin. Copy-paste it in and when after getting everything right, click on deposit. This will start the transaction, and after you have verified the trade on the steam app, wait for 10 minutes. The site will process your payment and credit the amount to your account. Although you can directly bet with your skins, but as a new bettor, starting out with cash instead of skins will give a better grasp of the what and how much you are betting.

Now, once you are done trading, you are ready to take action with your newfound capital. And as mentioned before, you can start betting this new cash to increase your earnings and win a substantial amount from the house if. Or, if you are not feeling it, you can just withdraw the sum without betting on anything. Here, you need to keep in mind that if there are any bonuses activated, while you made your deposit, then you may not be able to withdraw your cash right then and there.

So, here we recommend that you should get in contact with the site’s customer support and get them to answer any queries you might have regarding this matter. Before you make any trade, sell your skins, ask them about their basic rules and withdrawing policy.

This will not only help you understand their rules and regulations but will future proof you from losing any cash due to any misunderstandings later on. And trust me, you don’t want to deal with these hiccups as they can be quite stressful to deal with.

So, these are the steps that you can follow to start trading your skins and earn some side cash from your favorite games.


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