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Zlaner Banned for Cosplaying Stunt

Dr. Disrespect was banned without reason on Twitch a few months ago and since then, he has become 'he who must not be named' on Twitch. Well, that wasn't obvious but ZLaner found out the hard way.

Navi’ Wins IEM Cologne

CS:GO's first LAN tournament following the pandemic was one to watch. And, Navi turned out to be the highlight reel of the tournament. After beating the likes of Astralis and G2 Esports, Navi bagged the trophy and $400,000.

2nd Anniversary of Bugha, The First Fortnite Champ!

2 years ago, a kid made history. He showed the world that Fortnite is not a joke. It's not something that 9-year olds played. It's something that got a player the largest individual prize money in history. It's the two-year anniversary of Bugha!

FIFA 23 to become Free-To-Play

EA is known for its money-hungry microtransaction schemes. But, the company now plans to make FIFA 23 free to play. Is this real? Find out more below.