2nd Anniversary of Bugha, The First Fortnite Champ!

Fortnite has been the staple battlegrounds game for a long time, with a consistent 200k+ views regularly on twitch and millions of daily views from YouTube content, it is still a popular game. Moreover, it has one of the largest player bases in the world with about 250 million users worldwide. It is a game about a virtual island where they try to eliminate other players by collecting weapons and items from the various locations on the island.

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So much so, that it has garnered its sport with millions of dollars in the prize pool. Take for example Bugha, who made history by becoming the game’s first world champion. On July 28, 2019, Bugha competed with 99 other players in a game for the title in Arthur Ashe stadium in New York. He had to beat 3 Germans that were vying for the title and barely won. Bugha said in an interview on Monday that his confidence had grown as the event had unfolded. “I went into the competition aiming for at least top 20, but after that big first game I thought I could win,” he said. He played a total of six games, each lasting about 23 minutes, he said.

Well, that was not all, as this year, in honor of his feat, Epic Games released a creator’s skin for Bugha, which has been made for only a few content creators and players such as ninja, loser fruit, lazarbeam, TheGrefg, and LachlanYT.

Right now, Bugha is an ever-growing streamer on twitch and is living the life with well-known Fortnite superstars. His twitch channel boasts 4.46 million followers, and he has a 3.87 million  subscribers on his YouTube account. He has also partnered with Vayner Gaming and represents The Sentinels in the esports scene.

Source: Fortnite

In memory of the creator skin release, Bugha partnered with Ninja and TheGrefg for a celebratory stream on the release date of the skin, which garnered about 1 million concurrent viewers.


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