Blizzard’s ‘Afrasiabi’ Sized Problem

It would be impossible to understand the sheer impact of one man on an entire legacy. Take, for instance, Alex Afrasiabi, a well-known warcraft guild leader who became one of the leaders in the development team of this MMORPG. Now, he’s been called out for allegations that, if true, would change his legacy forever.

Source: Kotaku

Alex Afrasiabi was once a World of Warcraft player who cemented himself as the leader of the games guild, Fires of Heaven. He was later recruited for warcraft in terms of quest design for WoW. He was known for many notable quests such as Thunderfury quest chain, Bingles Missing Supplies, and Wrath of the Lich King. He then shifted to managing the titan project, which did not pan out as expected.

However, his tenure at Blizzard came to a halt, as in June 2020, he left Blizzard, the reason was unknown, and fans assumed that he had lost interest in game development. That was until July 21, 2021, when the DFEH sued Activision on the grounds of sexual misconduct and harassment.

It came to light that the man himself was one of the prime suspects of such behavior. Rumor has it that he would call out to women insensitively, make jokes about their looks, touch them without consent, and even rumors where people had to pull him off of women. One of the most notorious examples was the “Bill Crosby suite,” a suite where Alex would propose to female employees, attempt to kiss them and touch them inappropriately. It got out of hands so much that people going in would call it “An alcoholic drenched suite.”

Source: Blizzard

After this lawsuit was revealed to the public, Blizzard publicly announced that the prime reason he was removed from the company was these allegations summarized as “misconduct.”


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