Blizzard Allegations of Mistreatment of Female Employees

Just recently, Activision was filed a lawsuit by California, which persecutes one of the most influential game companies for mistreatment of their female employees and targeting them by paying them less than men who work beside them and sexually harassing them.

Source: BlizzConline

The lawsuit alleges that Activision performed and encouraged an environment where sexual harassment and assault occurred on multiple occasions. Headed by the DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing), it speculates that Activision corporation and 10 unnamed defendants are responsible for such practices in the working environment.


The first allegation was a show of discrimination regarding equal salary, benefits, compensation, etc… One example is of a woman who was denied equal salary to her male peers. When she requested a promotion, she was told to be on hold while that same position was given to male employees who had a better relationship with the superiors and were hired after her.

Source: Daily Advent

  1. Another scenario was of a supervisor who handed down all of his obligations and responsibilities to a woman and “played Call of Duty all day.”
  2. This was also stated that women who were hired by Activision were given less pay than their male peers, given smaller raises, and were subjected to little or no stock and incentives.
  3. A woman alleges that she was denied a promotion, with the reasoning being that she may end up pregnant and preferring to become a mother over her job.
  4. Women of color faced harassment as well, while one woman got a promotion after 2 years while male employees were promoted much faster, while a woman was forced to describe what she would do in her time off by sending the supervisors a one-page letter, that woman in question, later quit the job.


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