Dota 2 Becomes a Part of the 19th Asian Games at Hangzhou 2022

E-sports getting recognized as an actual sport isn’t new in the world these days. Back in the day, people called gaming a waste of time. Well, the $40 million USD prize pools being put on the board by e-sports is definitely not a waste of time. And, a lot of credit goes to Dota 2, which has consistently broken its own record every year for the highest prize pool in the world at The International. Well, Valve is finally being awarded for that as their game is one of the new eight games features in the 19th Asian Games at Hangzhou 2022.

Asian Games and E-Sports

Source: Facebook | Asian Games

Asian Games is one of the only medal-awarding competitions that’s now featuring e-sports in their list of games. This started back in 2018 when the Asian Games featured Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Pro Evolution Soccer, and StarCraft II. However, the winners weren’t awarded anything. The competitions were played for demonstration only, and the wins weren’t added to the tally count of the origin countries the players were from.

What Does This Mean for Dota 2?

Well, for one, this means that Dota fans will get way more competition in 2022 apart from the normal DPC and The International. Chinese fans have always been a core part of Dota’s audience as they continue to be one of the most dedicated fanbases the game has. Other than that, this will also be a chance for the Chinese teams to go against each other, and we all know how spectacular their playstyle actually is.

Source: Monster Energy

What’s the Future of E-Sports at Medal Awarding Events?

Right now, e-sports is just there as a sidekick to mainstream sports. However, given the recognition Hangzhou 2022 is getting because of their interest in e-sports at the mega event, there’s no denying that other events are also going to be looking into doing the same. Someday, OG and PSG.LGD might be playing a BO5 grand final at the Olympics. Never say never!


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