Elon Musk Shares Trailer for the PUBG Mobile and Tesla Collaboration

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It doesn’t matter whether you love PUBG Mobile or absolutely despise it; there’s no denying that the game has collaborated with some of the hottest trends in the market. After the success of the Godzilla vs. Kong collab, Tencent Games has now moved on to Tesla for their next collaboration.

Source: Tencent Gaming | PUBG Mobile

The collaboration brought a ton of new content for players. The content was rolled out with the 1.5 patches on July 9th, 2021. However, Elon Musk just shared the trailer for the collaboration on his official Twitter page, and it looks absolutely sick. The 48-second video trailer shows the Cybertruck and the Tesla Model Y in action. This tweet was also retweeted by the PUBG Mobile Twitter handle.

New Gameplay From The Tesla x PUBG Mobile Collaboration

Source: Tencent Gaming | PUBG Mobile

After the collaboration update, players can now visit the Tesla Gigafactory that appears in the Mission Ignition gameplay mode. You can assemble a Tesla Model Y by turning on all the switches and operating the assembly line. It lets you create an autopilot vehicle that drives you to a specific location on the map. The models for the vehicles are pretty neat, and PUBG Mobile is definitely pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming as we know it.

There’s also a Tesla Semi in the game that is hauling loot in the back of the truck. Players can damage the truck, which makes it drop decent loot.

Apart from the in-game changes, players can also purchase premium vehicle skins which include different colors of the Tesla Cybertruck and the Tesla Roadster.


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