Fortnite X Suicide Squad

Fortnite has become the bread and butter when it comes to creating the ideal battlegrounds game. With a large viewership on Twitch and regular content on YouTube, the game refuses to die, backed up by one the largest player bases of any game, with 250 million players worldwide. It is a game about a virtual island where they try to eliminate other players by collecting weapons and items from the various locations on the island.

One of the popular trends that Fortnite does is collaboration. Fortnite has been known for immortalizing big names, such as content creators, singers, and even characters from other media. Like how recently, they dropped a huge collaboration between Epic Games and DC with their IP, Suicide Squad.

Source: Fortnite

While this is nothing out of the ordinary, as Blizzard has already partnered up multiple times with Marvel and have added some of their heroes as skins, such as the Avengers, X-men, and even some cameo appearance of the big baddy Thanos in a unique game mode.

On July 29, Epic Games tweeted that Bloodsport, played by none other than the brute yet beautiful James Gunn, will be the first to be added from the villain turned superhero roster. But it doesn’t stop here, as they will be adding more characters from the team, and this is just the start. This is highlighted because he will be released with an exclusive emote and a Harley Quinn variant style. Bloodsport is set to wreak havoc on the island on August 3rd, 2021.

A bit of trivia, Bloodsport is a mercenary that has a mission to kill Superman. This could also hint that he may feature in Warner Bros’ unreleased Suicide Squad-Themed game. People are also speculating that this may not be the only release and hope to see King shark, Rick Flagg, or peacemaker in the game.


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