GOG is giving away Metro: Last Light Redux for free

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As part of the final 48 hours of its winter sale, GOG is giving away Metro: Last Light Redux for free. Simply head over to the GOG giveaway page or the Metro: Last Light Redux page on GOG and log into your GOG account to grab it. Free, DRM free, to keep, forever.

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Metro: Last Light Redux is the sort-of-remastered version of 2013’s Metro: Last Light, which is the sequel to Metro 2033. We gave it an 80 when it came out in 2014 just a year after its first version, which also got an 80. An 80 is a good score for a good game—here’s what PC Gamer’s 2013 review said:

“A game of gratifyingly kinetic gunplay, intense stealth sequences and a stunning, bleak vision that rivals the imagination of even BioShock Infinite. Its stage-managed linearity cuts both ways, too, enabling Last Light to draw a world of incredible detail, carefully framing sights and scenes of post-apocalyptic tragedy and chaos. It describes humanity with a degree of success that few games of any genre achieve, much less shooters.”



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