Halo Infinite to have a Cross-Platform Competitive Scene

Halo has been one of the most revolutionary first-person shooters of all time. With the introduction of so many game mechanics that have lived on to become staple features in the genre, it is no surprise that it had such a profound player base in its prime years. Moreover, it was one of the initiators of the eSports competition with tournaments held all over the world. With its new iteration coming to the new Xbox, fans were delighted to know that this will mark the first time that Halo eSports will be available for cross-play.

Credits 343 Industries

While 343 industries have already surprised us with its multiplayer being completely free-to-play, this brings both PC and console communities together in form of competition. eSports in the console is very rare nowadays, and only a few places, such as FIFA or the FGC (Fighting Game Community) have been known to use a console for holding the competition. However, the detail of how this will take is a bit weird.

Credits Halo

While there should be a standard that if you want a PC or console, you should stick to it, the format is a bit of a curveball. “If you’re a pro player that starts an event weekend from pool play where you compete on mainstage and featured stations, you’ll be playing on PC,” 343 said. “If you’re a player competing in the open bracket, you’ll be playing on the Xbox Series X. If you’re a player that makes it out of the open bracket and into pool play and/or championship bracket, you’ll be transitioning to PC mid-event.” While this may not seem too bad, the Halo Championship Series will be taking the responsibility of organizing esports and there are still many priorities that need to be set. But it seems fine considering that you can choose between a controller or a mouse and keyboard.


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