New World: The Revival of MMORPGs

The idea of spending your entire summer vacation playing MMORPGs with your friends or just random people on the internet was an ideal time for gamers in 2005. With WoW being the center of attention for decades, some people grew tired of the game, there are many still playing since the game launched, but it isn’t the staggering amount it was before. That is until you look towards a new MMORPG that has revitalized the dying genre and boasts an even greater potential than blizzard’s counterpart.

Source: PCGamer


We are, of course, talking about New World, an MMORPG project headed by Amazon, one of the more unique game developers. They are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a game developer, but it seems they have found the right formula for this kind of thing. When trying to queue for the game, it may take you hours to get into the game, as there are long lines that you would not expect, and the case is true for all the different servers. To be clear, the game had about 200,000 concurrent players in the last weekend.

Credits: Amazon Games


With the game queue being filled as it was, you could expect towns bustling with life, busy hunting spots, and the barrage of messages in global chat. And this was no surprise, as the game was very polished, with no defined route or classes, a core focus on PVP. It’s a love letter for hardcore MMO fans to read and indulge themselves in. The best part about the game is how its fee structure has been designed. While WoW had a monthly subscription that granted all the content to the player, New World allows you to buy the vanilla portion of the game, and you can purchase any expansions if you want to. There is no sort of time limitation, so you can play whenever you like.


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