Nintendo Switch Bringing AMONG US for 5$

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Among us remained the favorite pastime for the gaming community. The developers of the game bring a mysterious space-themed online game. Innersloth launched “Among Us” back in 2018, the game reached 1M downloads in 2019. And till now, the game has reached approx. half a billion downloads from around the world. In a bid to make the game more accessible, “Among us” is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo switch is transforming the gaming experience from PC and Mobile to console. Making your gaming more fun and flexible, the console comes packed with tons of features. Featuring 3 different modes, you have the freedom to enjoy HD gaming on your TV via Nintendo Dock. The most amazing feature is its ability to become handheld. Portable and small enough to carry, you can enjoy gaming anywhere at any time.

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced the launch of the game on its console. “Among Us” is already available on PC and Smartphone platforms. The move came as Nintendo’s part to bring up independent game developers rather than large corporations. The game will be available on the platform for 5$.

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The gameplay is based on social deduction where players uncover the actual role of other players. Players assume the role of an imposter and silently kills the spaceship crew. Upon finding a dead body, crew members call for a meeting to identify the imposter. This is the part where Nintendo Switch will be challenged. To identify an imposter, players have to type the name and vote. Unlike smartphones and PC, it seems troublesome to type on Nintendo Switch. However, the team seems in high spirit to come up with an easy solution.



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