OG Ceb Set to Play at The International

With TI just around the corner, people did expect OG’s Twitter to get blown up by a ton of taunting posts addressed to the rest of the teams at The International. However, the OG fans got the worst news that any Dota player could get just a week from TI. OG announced that their offlaner Sebastien “Ceb” Debs is being flown back to France for an emergency eye surgery that could damage his eye permanently. In the meantime, it was announced that Team Liquid (who are missing the TI) will be sending in Micke as a stand-in. However, OG fans don’t need to worry because the team is back in full force.

Ceb Will Be Playing at TI

Source: Twitter | OG Esports

Yesterday, OG confirmed that Ceb is done with his surgery and will be playing at The International with his fellow teammates. The way they confirmed this was wonderful. As some of you may know, BMW recently sponsored Team OG and in true OG fashion, they helped the team release an amazing short film about Ceb, his sister and what winning The International twice and thrice (possibly?) meant for the team. This documentary was the first episode of what seems to be a five-episode series showcasing the story of the entire team. Next episode to be released will be on Sumail.

Is a 3Peat Possible?


Source: STR / AFP via Getty Images

Well, if Ceb playing with a pirate eyepatch doesn’t put them at a disadvantage, there’s always a possibility that OG will surprise the audience. The team tends to perform best when they’re counted out. And, depending on the team’s performance in this DPC, they’re definitely not the favorites to win. But, who knows? Who thought that OG would win in the last two TIs. They surprised us twice. Maybe, just maybe, three is a charm.


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