OG Keeps the Dream Alive!

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In spectacular OG fashion, team OG went through open qualifiers and qualified by beating Tundra in the finals of the Western Europe TI qualifiers in an amazing best of five series that went the full five games before a winner was found. The team performed spectacularly and played eight nail-biting games of Dota in one day to become the best of the EUW region.

SumaiL; the One True King


Source: OG Esports on Twitter

So, a few weeks back, SumaiL rejoined Team OG as their position one, which raised a lot of eyebrows. The team now had two spectacular top-tier mid laners, but one of them was forced to play carry. However, SumaiL showed he was more than capable of playing one of the most diverse playing styles seen from any carry today. He played a super farmy hard carry like Terrorblade against Tundra while also destroying them in two games with his safe lane Templar Assassin. The showing from SumaiL was absolutely unreal. He might not be Ana, but he’s definitely stirring up the same magic that won OG two Tis.

Heartbreak for Tundra

Credits: NoobFromUA

There’s no denying that this dream run for Tundra was unreal and showed the team at its best. They bested OG once and become the grand finalists for the qualifiers, only to be knocked out by the same team. But, the team showed tremendous heart and potential. It sucks knowing that they won’t be fighting for the Aegis of Champions, but we’re certainly excited to see them next year. P.S. This message from Sneyking at the end of the game was definitely a bittersweet feeling even for the OG-est of OG fans.

3x TI Titles?

We wouldn’t count OG out. It’s just something about the team that makes you believe in the underdog. The underdog might be the last team to qualify for TI, but they’ve definitely won it all from this very position.


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GTA V is returning to Xbox Game Pass

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After being removed and replaced by Red Dead Redemption 2 nearly a year ago, Grand Theft Auto V will return to Xbox Game Pass for consoles on April 8th, and it will also be coming to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud.
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