Operation Riptide: Dust 2 Receives a Much-Needed Update

Dust 2 is the most legendary Counter Strike map that has been in the CS family since the early Counter-Strike 1.1 patch. The map is notorious for its balanced playstyle that allows for unique utility uses paired with amazing AWP angles that makes the map insanely fun to play on. But, even the most balanced map had it’s issues. Well, with the recent Operation Riptide update, it seems like Valve is on a mission to make the great D2 even better.

What Was the Problem?

Source: CS:GO

The previous Dust 2 map allowed the T-side to buy an AWP and fire directly into the CT-side crossing the double doors to walk into B site. There wasn’t any way to avoid it. You can smoke the double doors and hope to cross away unscathed but the occasionally lucky AWPer will clip you on your way and take away most of your HP. Well, this is actually the best-case scenario. Worst case is that you get wall-banged headshot through the door.

Getting damaged is just part of the problem. That peek through double doors also gives the AWPer information about how many people will be in the B site, which gives the T-side a huge advantage.

The Changes


This tweet by the official CS:GO account shows the changes made to the mid part of Dust 2. T-side no longer has a directly line of sight to the double doors, giving the CT side enough time to cross over safely.

This change might seem minute. But, it significantly reduces the T-side favorability of the map and removes the possibility of the counter terrorists starting the round with a 4v5 disadvantage.


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