PSG.LGD Flipped a Coin to Choose their Opponent

There’s a tradition in The International that the top seed (the team with the most points) at the end of the group stage has an option to choose their next opponent from the #3 or #4 seed. PSG.LGD was the top seed of group B and, as a result, we given the option to choose their opponent. And, it’s safe to say that fans were disappointed with their choice.

The Options

PSG.LGD’s options were world’s apart. On one hand, they had arguably the best team in the history of Dota 2, OG. OG is the same team that beat PSG.LGD three years ago to win the Aegis of Champions. The second option was T1, a promising team that didn’t really perform according to expectations. People thought that PSG.LGD would go for OG to recreate the final of TI8. But, it seems like the team took the safe option and went for T1. OG’s Twitter definitely had a field day with this as they kept bashing LGD for picking the seemingly easier team to play against.

Source: Valve[/caption]

LGD Flipped a Coin

Source: Valve

A couple of days later, it sounds like PSG.LGD didn’t really put too much thought into who they were going to face. The coach of the team xiao8 indicated that the team simply flipped a coin to decide who they will play against. And, as we now know, the coin landed on T1. The position 5 for LGD y` indicated that T1 is a team they definitely respect. Expectations were high and even though they disappointed early on, the team managed to catch on and secure a spot in the Upper Bracket that definitely didn’t come easy. T1’s midlaner Karl has been the star of the show as he’s been the one leading the team into victory.
T1 is are definitely the underdog heading into that series. But, we wouldn’t count them out. The David vs. Goliath matchup often has surprising results.


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