Situation Escalates: Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Subpoenaed by the SEC

Blizzard sexual allegations have now become a never-ending nightmare for the company over the past few months. Between the top executives being accused of sexual harassment and the company’s core employees leaving, there isn’t much good happening for the company these days. And, thing are about to get worse since the SEC, a federal government organization is also getting involved in the lawsuit.

Source: Blizzard

The SEC has subpoenaed several of the top executives at the organization, including the CEO Bobby Kotick. What makes this whole situation interesting is that it’s not the SEC’s job to deal with classic sexual harassment lawsuits. The federal agency is interested in how Blizzard is dealing with it. Particularly speaking, they’re interested in how Blizzard disclosed that information to the shareholders. The SEC is trying to figure out whether the shareholders were told about the sexual harassment on time and if so, whether or not they could have been told earlier.

Source: David McNew/AFP via Getty

This investigation by the SEC is supported by the fact that there were a few shareholders that came forward that they were never notified about the deep waters the company is in. They were led to believe that all is fine and dandy and that the company is handling these allegations brilliantly. Well, judging by the fact that this investigations continues to slander Blizzard’s name for such a long time, that didn’t really age well. This led to one of the main shareholders suing their own company for withholding information, which is just one more lawsuit Blizzard has to deal with.

Whatever happens with the SEC and the results of their subpoenas, one thing can be said for sure – Kotick is not having fun at his job right now.


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