The Valorant Nerf Problem – Is Riot Games a Simp for the Player Base?

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As a player, it’s always nice to play a game whose developers listen to you. People have been yelling at CS:GO for years to fix the cheater problem. Instead, they release a useless monthly subscription-based stat tracking program. Players are begging for an engine update, and Valve still has us stuck with game crashes if you click anywhere during the map loading screens. So, Riot Games gave fps players a breath of fresh air by listening to what they wanted. But are they listening too much?

What’s Going On?

The gaming community is a difficult one to please. Players will never agree to one single thing, and that is perfectly normal. However, when it comes to Valorant, players have presented a united front for quite some time and asked Riot Games for changes to which they’ve obliged. Good thing, right? Well, it is, but Riot Games is slightly overdoing it.

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The first major change that the community wanted was a way to combat voice chat toxicity. So, apart from the already invasive anti-cheat Valorant has, they started listening to in-game chat as well.

After that, players went against the Operator and complained about how it’s a one-shot kill gun. THAT’S THE POINT. Throughout the course of Counter Strike’s history, the AWP was a one-shot gun. That’s the beauty of it. But, Valorant players, calling it unfair, asked for changes. Riot Games made it expensive, made the reload speed, draw speed, lever action, and made the gun practically unusable.

Then, players started to complain about the insane number of flashes in the game. Okay, yes, this one we agree with. Adding agents like Skye that have three flashes isn’t helping anyone. But, the way Riot dealt with the problem was terrible. The company nerfed every single flash in the game while changing the flash’s visual mechanics as well.

What’s the Problem?

The issue with Riot listening to every single comment the community is writing is sucking out the creativity from the game. It’s giving more facilities to players to avoid minor inconveniences that they should avoid on their own. Toxics voice chats? Mute the players. Operator overpowered? Use smokes and flashes. Tired of flashes? Pick Breach.

Players already have the resources needed to deal with the problems, but instead, they’re complaining to Riot, and the company is listening. There’s a difference between something being overpowered and being difficult to deal with. Riot is currently removing the latter much more than the former.

This might not have much effect on the game right now. But, if this keeps going on, the overall competitiveness of Valorant will continue to fall.

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