Twitch is Stepping Up Their Game with Phone Verification Chat Controls

There’s no doubt on anyone’s mind that Twitch is home to one of the most toxic and abusive communities in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re disabled, have Tourette’s, sit in a bath tub or do ASMR, there will always be that person in chat who’s constantly harassing you over your life choices. Well, that’s why you have mods, right? Your mod can throw a well deserved ban hammer on them and voila! They’re gone. Well, sadly, not for long. Twitch bots have become a new thing that has been terrorizing streamers all over the platform. And, with this move, Twitch may get rid of them for good.

Phone Verification Chat Control


Source: Twitter | Zach Bussey

Twitch is now giving streamers an option to restrict their chats to viewers that have their phone number verified. This works in a similar way to the “Follower only” chat that we’ve seen on Twitch in the past. A leaked screenshot from journalist Zach Bussey showed the interface for the new moderation settings.

Will This Help?

Source: CNET

Tremendously. By giving streamers the option to allow only the accounts with verified phone number, chances of your chat DDoS’ed by someone on the internet is a much less likely possibility. While it may not be a fool-proof way to get rid of bots, this update by Twitch is a good step in the right direction and shows that the platform is listening to the streamers that have been protesting with the #DoBetterTwitch hashtag.


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