xQc Banned for Streaming the Olympics

xQc and controversy bans go hand in hand with one another. It is safe to say that the twitch sensation has not been safe from constantly getting flamed for either his toxicity or rash actions, which has given him multiple suspensions from the platform. Quite recently, as of July 28 this year, xQc has been reportedly banned for streaming footage from the 2021 Olympics held in Japan.

The Context

Source: Twitch, who else could it be

In his last stream, xQc decided to watch some of the highlights from the Olympics. As he was living in the states, he required a VPN (a virtual private network) to have access to the clips. This was a direct DMCA to the twitch guidelines as these shows have already licensed their streaming to other platforms, and xQc was in direct violation. He was not allowed to stream that sort of content, and so, twitch him for 5 hours.


Source: Ginx Esports

xQc took to Twitter, stating that his channel got Live-DMCA’d. He told his audience that he was prepared for what he had planned to stream, but this caught him off guard. He apologizes to his audience for this inconvenience and hopes to be better and smarter in these scenarios.

Asmongold hoped that X would get unbanned as no one should have a career ruined through DMCA, which he states is highly exploitable by bigger corporations.

Similar Incidents

This has not been the only case of such DMCA. A small YouTuber by the name of Nick (@RunTheFUTMarket) was also banned for the same reason, viewing Olympic highlights. A few IRL streamers in Tokyo have also been banned for showing glimpses of where the event is being held. The community claims that IOC (International Olympic Committee) has been responsible for abusing DMCA to ban such channels, but no evidence has been found.


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